Juicebox – my version of Mary Weaver’s Dahlia

December 30, 2009

This is a lovely top-down raglan with the world’s easiest cables which I borrowed from Mary Weaver’s fantastic Dahlia (Knitty Winter 2007). I like my sweaters tight, so I created my own pattern with body-hugging cables and a pretty contrasting white edging on sleeves and neckline. I took some basics from the original, as I loved the diagonal cables and the shape of the neckline, but otherwise modified the pattern pretty radically as I went along, taking out the whole empire-style ‘skirt’ (which always makes me look about 4 months pregnant – not a good look), adding contrasting edging, and shifting the neckline up a notch.

This sweater was mostly knitted while travelling round Vietnam in spring 2009. Everytime I wear it, I remember my first night in Ho Chi Minh City, clutching my knitting bag between my knees as I rode a motorbike taxi for the first time and the sheer adrenalin of speed and noise and nighttime city buzz rocketed through me.

One downside to this sweater is that, to be honest, red isn’t really my colour. I’m considering knitting the design again in a more flattering shade – green perhaps?


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