My beloved Owls

January 13, 2010

This is Kate Davies’ wonderful, gorgeous Owls sweater, which has been knitted the world over. See her website for a selection of lovely owls from all over the world.

I had a problem with the back of the pattern – the shaping, although beautiful and unique,  just didn’t quite work out for me so I had to do a bit of tweaking. However, I’m thrilled with the result and have been getting lots of compliments.

I have to say that it’s a delight to come across a pattern so well-written – kudos to Kate for that, who manages to make an enjoyable and straightforward read out of what could potentially be some fairly daunting cables in the wrong hands.I’d even consider recommending this as a first (or maybe second) sweater to people I’ve taught to knit.

It knits up so fast and yet is interesting enough to keep the more experienced knitter happily occupied. It has beautiful neckline shaping which flatters without being too revealing or too frumpy. And last of all, it is knitted in the round, which for someone as lazy and unmotivated as me is always a plus point.

I do wonder why I enjoy circular knitting so much – it must be partly due to finishing ease and being able to try as you go, but it’s also something to do with the look of wonder on (non-knitting) people’s faces when they see you using double pointed needles in public. It does look much harder than it is, which makes me feel clever for about ten seconds before I own up and explain to them that, actually, it’s not that hard.

Knitting as a conversation starter is top-notch. Start knitting on a train and sooner or later someone will ask you what you’re doing, regale you with tales of their grandma knitting during the war, or, best of all, reveal themselves as a fellow knitter, in which case you can spend the rest of the journey happily engaged in debates about DPs versus one long circular for socks, the perils of blocking, and other nerdish pleasures which are easy to join in online but so hard to find in real life.


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