I will be posting a long cheery update on Friday after I hand in not one but TWO horrible pieces of coursework (biopsychology is such fun…)

In the meantime, I’ve got a new design in the pipeline which I’m very excited about, using this yummy green merino bought in New York in January. It’s my first foray into lace knitting on a large scale so progress is currently slow and accompanied by copious expletives, but it’s very educational and always nice to tackle something out of your comfort zone.

I’m also loving the latest issue of Knitty, particularly this lovely green creation which is just the kind of empire-line shape I like to make for myself, this summery cami (despite the fact that I usually associate knitted summer garments with the kind of people who wear socks and sandals together and go on holiday in Blackpool), and this cute 50s-style lace cardi. I can’t wait to get started on one, if not all, of these lovely pieces.


…will be posted as soon as the notebook in which I so carefully and diligently wrote them down reveals itself. I’m also trying to achieve some serious stash diminishing before I move to Bath at the end of April. So the plan is, a gorgeous baby jacket made from a few leftover balls of Rowan Silk Wool in fabulous rich purple.

I’m always a fan of baby clothes in unexpected colours – the cliches of pink and blue give me the horrors because they’re just so insipid, and as anyone who has ever been near a baby knows, they are far from insipid! Every baby item I make is rich red, deep blue or verdant green to reflect the big personality of their little owners 🙂

Modifications shall follow soon – that is a promise!

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