A new design in progress

April 21, 2010

My silence has been due to some major upheavals – I’ve gone from student-in-limbo to cohabitee extrordinaire and am now living with my other half in a gorgeous Georgian conversion in Bath. I can’t believe my luck in finding this house – it was the last one we viewed and we were approaching the dangerous condition known as ‘househunting burnout’ when we found our perfect apartment.

My one request in the new house was a big window with a chair where I could sit and knit. This I’ve achieved. My chair is ancient, sagging, a bit grubby, and covered in embroidered cushions and an old duvet cover decorated with world flags in the shape of little paper-doll people that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday last year. It makes me very happy and has perfect daylight in the afternoons.

I’ve been somewhat under the knitting radar for the last couple of weeks due to the move, but am now back with a vengence. I’ve been working on a piece for my new job where I will be working with Anna Bell, who has just taken over as the new editor of Yarn Forward. I’ve been swatching away and can’t wait to get into the office at the beginning of May. Student life gets old very quickly (there’s only so much daytime telly a girl can watch, after all – although I have enjoyed watching repeats of The Forsyte Saga). My boyfriend told me to appreciate it and not feel guilty, as the next time I’ll have this kind of leisure is if I’m unemployed or have a very small child. I suppose he has a point…

In terms of my own designing, this is my latest baby. It’s a green chunky weight merino sleeveless sweater with a very, very low scoop neck, a central lace panel, and bands of moss stitch. This is my first attempt at getting the lace right:

It was so pretty but just didn’t fit in with the overall pattern – because of the way the lace was constructed I ended up with 5 stitches on one side and six stitches on the other. So I ripped back and switched to this:

I really like the vertical lines of this lace pattern. The entire front is now finished, and photos of the back will follow. It’s so nice to be designing again!

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