Mine! All mine!

June 10, 2010

Yummy yum yum

One of the huge perks of journalism-type jobs is that you get sent free things all the time. Since starting at Yarn Forward I’ve taken every opportunity to ‘tidy up’ the office by reclaiming lonely skeins. Today, however, I got a real treat…Denise interchangable circular needles, a full set, all mine! Well, it is my birthday on Sunday…

I’ve wanted a set of interchangables for yonks, so I was thrilled to finally get my hands on a set. Im currently knitting something for the next issue of Yarn Forward on them and they are just gorgeous. I’ve always harboured a puritan suspicion of plastic needles but I think these may have converted me.

I’m probably more excited about this that is healthy…

I’m also super-excited about getting my hands on Kim Hargreaves’ summer 2010 collection, which is being posted to me today courtesy of the lovely Kim Hargreaves press office people.

It’s called Misty and the blurb encourages me to “take pleasure in the in daydreams of hazy meadows, the soft scent of wild flowers and the feel of summer’s soft breeze.” Suits me!

How lovely, how pre-war, how very I Capture the Castle, is this?

I also want to EAT this little jacket which is like the lovechild of a Regency spencer and a 1940s little black suit.

The first issue of Yarn Forward that I’ve been involved with has just gone up as a preview on Ravelry and will be hitting the shelves soon, I’m somewhere between excited and nervous!


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