A wedding and other summer happenings

August 10, 2010

I’ve been a bit lazy recently…at least when it come to updates! (This is me relaxing at Avebury stone circle, by the way – clearly the ley lines had a positive effect on me.)

Anyhow, here is what I’ve been up to recently….the gorgeous bride was the second of my close childhood friends to tie the knot, and this time I was a bridesmaid!

(I’m the second on the left)

Both weddings this summer were incredibly important to me – and not just because they involved close friends. I’m always in awe of the commitment being made and the privilege and deep joy of sharing and witnessing that commitment.

Witnessing the pre-wedding panics from bride, bride’s mother, bride’s dad, bridesmaid, and myself was another matter altogether…I think the only people not freaking out by ten to twelve were the flower girls (who, at 6 and 8, were too young to be bothered by anything as silly as things going to plan – they were just having fun!)

Setting out into the future…

…meanwhile, I had a lie down!

(I very much enjoy the fact that however undiginified the position, a bridesmaid’s dress vastly improves the final photo…)


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