Owls II

June 8, 2011

I actually finished this ages ago, but I’d not got round to posting it (*slaps hand*)

It’s no exaggeration to say that I love the original owls pattern, but the gauge on my first version was a little looser than I’d like; the back shaping, while beautiful,¬† gave me the dreaded and much-discussed puffiness; and let’s face it, I rarely wear full-length sleeves unless it’s below freezing. So, I made a few mods, and here we are…

I used a job lot of King Cole Bamboo Cotton, held doubled, which I got from work about a hundred years ago and which had been sitting in my stash eyeing me balefully. I was actually very impressed at how nicely it held up (despite my reservations about the eco-friendliness or lack thereof of bamboo – don’t judge me, it was free!)

It’s a nice yarn to knit with and goes into the washing machine like a charm – which is perfect for an everyday, close-fitting garment like this, which, realistically, I am not going to handwash every time I wear it. I used 5.5mm needles throughout to get a tighter gauge than the pattern recommends – my initial foray into this pattern demonstrated to me that this might be necessary to get the body-hugging fit I love.

I altered the body shaping, to avoid the ‘back-boob’ effect, by working the back decreases exactly as given in the pattern, and moving the increases to the side of the body. This fits my shape perfectly – I love it!

Elegant shaping makes me happy inside

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