Finally finished – Cadence

November 17, 2011

Oh, I love this. I used Wendy Norse Chunky (a journalist’s freebie, and actually rather nice for an acrylic blend). It’s a super-fast knit, top down and mindless. Love it!

Photo taken by the Tarr Steps, an Iron Age bridge on Exmoor. I got very excited at this (being something of an archaeology geek) and skipped cheerily across them several times, until I noticed a man on the opposite riverbank waiting for me to clear off so he could take a photo of the bridge. Whoops!


Oh, how I love this pattern.

Knitted using yarn doubled on 5.5mm needles.
I adore this, the fit is perfect.

(Excuse the gratuitous boob shot – I just wanted to show off my owls! No, that is not a euphemism)
Mods: Smaller gauge – at least 3-4 more sts per inch than stated in the pattern
Elbow-length sleeves
Moved the back increases to the sides, while keeping the back decreases as set in the pattern – this gave me a much better fit.
Overall I’m very pleased with this – I wear it all the time and it always gets lots of compliments.

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