Baby Feet

January 4, 2010

These are the cutest things ever, and one of my all-time favourites to knit. They take about an hour and use next to no yarn, so cashmere is a distinct possibility rather than a distant dream.

This purple pair was made in October 2009 for my friend’s baby girl, who is due, well, right now. I’m looking forward to seeing her wearing them.

The cute ruby slippers below were made in a succession of Manhattan coffee shops as a gift for my boyfriend’s cousin, who is expecting in February.


This was made from a nicely coloured (heathery purple, hence the name) but otherwise vile acrylic yarn which I bought in bulk while penniless in my first year at university.

Yes, another of those naff 'no one's home so I'll have to take it myself in the mirror' photos

It’s a bit worn and torn now, but I still wear it when it’s cold, I’m not seeing anyone all day, and I need love in sweater form. It was a bottom-up raglan which I cast on without really knowing what it was going to end up as, and then worked out myself. I think it worked out pretty well though. The lower body is a little loose in gauge – I changed needles at the yoke and the fit is much better here. I frequently need to reduce needle size more than I think, partly because I am a loose-ish knitter but mostly because I love the thick, velvety feel of a tightly knitted fabric.

This, incidentally, was my first attempt at designing – an entirely maths-free process involving a lot of ‘will this work? Let’s find out….’

Fortunately, I can live with ripping back. It’s how a girl learns!

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