This lovely lady is not only one of my favourite designers for inspiration, but is also arguably one of the most gorgeous out there, which means everything she makes looks amazing on her. I made this version of her lovely Camden sweater in a frenetic week post-exams when I wanted to do something, anything with my brain other than memorise humanistic approaches to personality theory until my eyes bled (that was the previous week’s activity).

The yarn is Rowan Silk Wool DK in Clay, which I bought by the armful in the John Lewis January sale. I have a few balls of purple and green left over, and am still to put them to use. A two-tonal sweater? A couple of berets? A lace scarf? Who can say?

The original design had a high neck but I fancied branching out a bit and did a kind of hybrid notched/scooped v-neck. I think it works really well.

This is my first attempt at bobbles – I love them! So easy to work and a nice alternative to cables. I love Ashley’s modern design and the downward v-shaped design would be flattering on anyone. If I made this again I’d make it a little bigger – I knitted to a slightly tigher gauge than suggested. However, it will be blocked into submission until it’s long enough not to ride up.

This is a speedy knit by my standards – I started the back on 3rd January in New York, finished it by the time I hit UK soil, and wizzed through the front and yoke in a week.

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