Finally finished – Cadence

November 17, 2011

Oh, I love this. I used Wendy Norse Chunky (a journalist’s freebie, and actually rather nice for an acrylic blend). It’s a super-fast knit, top down and mindless. Love it!

Photo taken by the Tarr Steps, an Iron Age bridge on Exmoor. I got very excited at this (being something of an archaeology geek) and skipped cheerily across them several times, until I noticed a man on the opposite riverbank waiting for me to clear off so he could take a photo of the bridge. Whoops!


Oh, how I love this pattern.

Knitted using yarn doubled on 5.5mm needles.
I adore this, the fit is perfect.

(Excuse the gratuitous boob shot – I just wanted to show off my owls! No, that is not a euphemism)
Mods: Smaller gauge – at least 3-4 more sts per inch than stated in the pattern
Elbow-length sleeves
Moved the back increases to the sides, while keeping the back decreases as set in the pattern – this gave me a much better fit.
Overall I’m very pleased with this – I wear it all the time and it always gets lots of compliments.

You can see more photos here or buy your copy by clicking  

Super fine

July 6, 2011

I have these yummy and squishable skeins to play with, from these lovely people

The yarn is Spud and Chloe Fine, which is a gorgeous sock weight that’s 80% superwash merino and 20% silk. The sheen and squish are just glorious. What to do with them? I can see this making for some pretty lush colourwork, but I can also envision a single, luscious colour splashed across a floating expanse of lacy loveliness. We shall see…

In the meantime, I’m not sure I can bring myself to remove the adorable labels…

Carnival time

July 2, 2011

We went to the St Paul’s Carnival at the weekend – cider, adorable schoolkids dressed as lions, lovely people, giant speakers that shake the ground, getting our reggae reggae skank on, and did I mention the food?

Jerk chicken, rice and peas….

…cooked by this man. I love caribbean street food so much that I sometimes dream about it.

It’s almost impossible to replicate at home because you need to get the chicken really, really hot so the skin goes crisp and lovely. As this necessitates an enormous metal oil drum barbecue thing, it’s not really something to try in one’s kitchen. Curried goat can be done successfully a la casa – I have a friend who makes it to perfection – but it does require the procuring of a goat, which in most of the UK is easier said than done…

I promise that my next post will involve knitting!

A sneaky peek…

July 1, 2011

…at something new! This is a secret design, but here’s a wee look:

What on earth could it be?

I’m saying nothing, except that this yarn makes me want to weep with joy everytime I touch it. That is all…


Owls II

June 8, 2011

I actually finished this ages ago, but I’d not got round to posting it (*slaps hand*)

It’s no exaggeration to say that I love the original owls pattern, but the gauge on my first version was a little looser than I’d like; the back shaping, while beautiful,  gave me the dreaded and much-discussed puffiness; and let’s face it, I rarely wear full-length sleeves unless it’s below freezing. So, I made a few mods, and here we are…

I used a job lot of King Cole Bamboo Cotton, held doubled, which I got from work about a hundred years ago and which had been sitting in my stash eyeing me balefully. I was actually very impressed at how nicely it held up (despite my reservations about the eco-friendliness or lack thereof of bamboo – don’t judge me, it was free!)

It’s a nice yarn to knit with and goes into the washing machine like a charm – which is perfect for an everyday, close-fitting garment like this, which, realistically, I am not going to handwash every time I wear it. I used 5.5mm needles throughout to get a tighter gauge than the pattern recommends – my initial foray into this pattern demonstrated to me that this might be necessary to get the body-hugging fit I love.

I altered the body shaping, to avoid the ‘back-boob’ effect, by working the back decreases exactly as given in the pattern, and moving the increases to the side of the body. This fits my shape perfectly – I love it!

Elegant shaping makes me happy inside

Little Green

May 22, 2011

OK, so maybe I love Joni Mitchell a bit too much and need to stop referencing her lyrics in everyday life….

Fangirl or not, I am seriously pleased with this one. The pattern is being tech edited right this second and should be available some time next week – I know quite a few people have been waiting for this one, so thank you for your patience!

The back and front are knitted seperately  – although you could easily make this entirely in the round, and if/when I do a rerun I’ll probably do so. The yarn is a yummy, chunky Cascade purchased in New York yonks ago.

What a lovely colour this is. I picked the name because of the colour, and because this is one of my Joni favourites…wistful melacholy (to quote Bill Bailey) is what I’m all about when it comes to female singer-songwriters. And knitwear, obviously.

The pattern had just been released, buy your copy today for £5 –

Nimble Mitts – featured on Knit the Day

Very pleased with how these turned out – the perfect gift knit! They are knitted in the round from cuff to thumb, worked flat for thumb opening, then knitted in the round to cast off edge. Moss stitch borders and a simple lace rib make these an easy, fun knit.

The sample was knitted in Supreme Possum Merino 4ply – Possum yarn, I hear you cry? I was a tad dubious too – but it really is gorgeous and has a lovely haze once knitted up.

Recently published and already being knitted on Ravelry! I’m excited 🙂

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